Design and implementation of interior decoration of all types of ships

Decorative design

One of the most important parts in building a vessel is the interior decoration. It contains two steps: Designing and performing and we proudly do our job with these three important elements: quality, comfort and beauty.

Step 1

  • Preparing decoration map
  • Preparing AutoCAD and 3D modeling
  • Determine the quality and color of the wall sheets
  • Designing the internal accessories of cabins such as beds, tables. Etc.

Step 2

  • Decorative design
  • Framing
  • Insulation
  • Foundation
  • Facade

Run the Decoration

The first step of decoration is preparing an AutoCAD. It is obtained by using the sizes specified in the total schematics. The 3D modeling is achieved by embossing the AutoCAD. In this step, customers can select the kind of material and then the designer can present some schemes and colors, so that they can have more options.

The decoration technical supervisor and vessel structural supervisor perform this step with regard of schemes and types of stuffs that are used in decoration. Actually, framing is the basis of decorative design. The kind of framing is according to the type of vessels. It can be steel, aluminum or fiberglass.

The second step is insulation which performs after framing. Customers choose the kind of insulation such as Rmvflks, Ayzvflks, stone wool or fiberglass. These insulations are used in special spaces. In fact, the most spaces which are connected with outside and are in exposed to heat and cold should be insulated.

Foundation which is one of the main steps in decorative designs is performed after insulation. In this step, Pieces that are cut out in specified sizes, installed on the frame. This is performed carefully because all of the empty spaces, extra waves and non-smooth parts should be covered.

Beds and cabinets are also prepared in this phase.

(Contains surface, rim, floor and accessories)

Facade is the final stage. The beauty and elegance of this part is very important because all of the previous stages are related to the quality of this phase.

In this step, some special-sized sheets which are selected by the customers are installed on the foundation parts. Some rims are used to cover the gaps. All of the elegant works which were specified in 3D modeling (such as Lighting, installing the cabinet's doors etc.) are also performed in this phase.

Finally, floor is prepared to be flooring.